Kerry Blue Terrier


versatile, intelligent, sociable
The very elegant Kerry is a handsome, well-built terrier who should be balanced in appearance. With a shoulder height of approx. 48 cm and an average body weight of 16 kg, it is one of the medium-sized terriers.
His soft, luscious, and wavy hair on the adult dog should be any shade of blue with or without dark markings. It is important to know that Kerry Blue Terriers are born black and only slowly lighten to their final color. During this process, all shades of dark blue, through blue with a reddish-brownish tinge to the desired steel blue, can appear. Black is only permitted up to the age of 18 months, but changing the color to the desired steel blue can sometimes take two to three years.
Since the Kerry Blue Terrier has no undercoat, it does not shed. Several times a week the hair needs to be brushed and combed thoroughly, about every eight weeks the Kerry should be bathed and his hair cut.


He is very spirited but not nervous and needs sufficient activity and exercise. Since he likes to fight, he needs a firm hand and consistent training, especially when it comes to dealing with other dogs.
In principle, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a dog that can do everything:
He is intelligent, docile, and a dependable protector and excellent watchdog who only barks when needed. You can also lead him hunting, he fetches like a retriever on land and water.
He is also very suitable as a house and family dog, provided that you have the time to deal with him and the care of his coat extensively. At times the race suffers from the undeserved reputation of having a sinister nature.
What the Kerry Blue Terrier lover E. M. Webb wrote back in 1922 is still valid today:
“Dogs are flawless if you accept a certain tendency to reduce the cat population. As a rat killer there is no better one, he is a charming housemate and an absolutely reliable watchdog. "
He masters many tasks with flying colors. Whether as a companion dog, as a police dog for the Hong Kong Police or as a loyal and affectionate family dog ​​that guards the house and yard.
Here he looks incorruptible. It works reliably as soon as people get close to the precinct and calms down after a short period of excitement. Robbery is not safe from him, but this also applies to cats and other members of their own species.
The hunting dog has lost none of its stormy nature. Early contact with other dogs and cats helps when it comes to effectively counteracting his bullying and intolerance.
The Kerry Blue Terrier shows a cuddly and loving side when living together with children who belong to his family pack. His protective qualities are particularly evident with them.
At the same time, adults keep an eye on their loved ones. When describing their four-legged companion, many people speak, among other things, of a shadow that does not leave their side.
Regardless of this, when out and about in nature, the fearless daredevil chases everything that comes his way. Assuming that he has received excellent training in this regard, he can be called up easily.

The upbringing leads to a good result as calmly, uniformly and predictably for the animal as possible. The intelligent Kerry Blue Terrier demands consistent schooling.
He lives out his talents in dog sports. Agility and obedience offer him a varied platform that also challenges his head.
He hated boring repetitions. The blue is a terrier through and through and is certified to be slightly more docile and obedient compared to other terrier breeds.
He is also calmer inside the accommodation. A good dose of stubbornness and stubbornness are part of a terrier and he brings them with him.
Although it fits into the daily routine of its owner, it can still be spirited people who romp with him and do sports.