Greetings from the Volcanic Eifel

Let us introduce ourselves. Frank Böhnke was born in 1964 in a small village in Schleswig-Holstein in the Segeberg district, where I spent my childhood and youth. After training as a craftsman, I found my way to the German Navy in 1984 and after years of seafaring on frigates and boats and several moves (as the life of a soldier requires) I found my final domicile in the beautiful volcanic island village of Ochtendung. Manja Eksi-Böhnke, born 1977 in Thuringia. After completing an apprenticeship, she moved to Stuttgart, where she lived for many years. For years we have been living with children and our dogs in a large house with a garden. We have plenty of space for our hobby, i.e. keeping dogs. As a child I was able to gain my first experience with dogs, as a hunting dog and later a black shepherd lived in my family. My first own dog in 1994 was a Kerry male from the well-known breed of Mrs. G. Tank "BLUE STAR'S Andy. It was the last litter from a well-known woman who had bred Kerry's for 36 years. One of her bitches named Lulu, who became very famous starred in the successful family series from the 80s "I marry a family" with Peter Weck and made the breed known in Germany. Later it became an Irish-Soft-Coated Wheaten bitch and then came a lovable stray dog ​​from a rescued street litter in Hungary. Now that we have the time possible through teleworking and an ideal division of the presence in our house, we were finally able to realize our dream of breeding pedigree dogs We were born in the cradle, so to speak. The dogs then became our great passion and my wife, just like me from v years ago I fell in love with the terriers. It should be the Kerry's that we keep in our house. In breeding, we attach great importance to a very well socialized family dog. The terrier should be a loyal, affectionate, playful and always vigilant companion to his family and that into old age, so the choice of healthy breeding partners has top priority.