Coconut Kiss Vom Ochtendunger Land

International Junior Champion FCI

German Junior Champion VDH
German Junior Champion KfT
Junior Champion Luxembourg
Junior Champion Belgium
Junior Champion Austria
VDH Spring Junior Winner
VDH European Junior Winner
German Alpen Junior Winner
Federal Junior Winner Germany
Federal Junior Winner Austria
Austria Alpenwinner

"Breeding approval on December 11th, 2022" 

Call name: Coco
Date of birth: 05.07.2021
Breed: Kerry Blue Terrier
Shoulder height 47 cm
Weight 14 kg
Hip displasia (HDF) - A1 (means no HD)
vWD type 1 : N / N (because of the freely tested parents) 

(von Willebrand Syndrome) 

CMSD : N / N  (because of the freely tested parents) 

(Canine Multiple System Degeneration) 

DM : N / N  (because of the freely tested parents)

(Degenerative Myelopathy) 



Our C-litter was born on July 5th, 2021. It turned out to be an unlikely "10" puppy! Everyone was in very good health and meanwhile has been placed in great families. We wanted to keep a specially bred bitch in addition to our Lucy and Xerxes and decided on the "Coco" from this litter, because she comes from a really good English line. Coco has a great character and is very agile and always hungry :-). She plays with Xerxes very persistently and really great. First of all, Coco will find his way in our family and grow up in peace and security. We are happy and very proud of our Coconut Kiss vom Ochtendunger Land! 

Excerpts from judge reports of the shows:
Excellent overall impression. About to recolor. Very good coat, excellent head with excellent ears and dark eyes. Nice length of neck and high withers. Firm back, tail is set and carried correctly. Depth of chest nicely developed. Nice solid movement.