Dinnyesvarosi Xerxes

Call name: Xerxes
Date of birth: 14.03.2021
Breed: Kerry Blue Terrier
HDF follows
vWD type 1 (von Willebrand Syndrome): N / N (complete free)
CMSD (Canine Multiple System Degeneration): N / N (complete free)
DM (Degenerative Myelopathy): N / N (complete free)

On July 2nd, 2021 we were finally able to pick up our new pack member. It is Dinnyesvarosi Xerxes, a puppy from the X-litter of Katalin Burovincz from Hungary. We have been looking for the right male dog for a long time who corresponds to our ideas about bloodlines. Very successful Kerrys have already emerged from the Dinnyesvarosi Kennel. Xerxes shows a very good-natured character, is curious and very friendly towards other people. We look forward to the time ahead with him and to the training and the exhibitions.