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Lucy is a wonderful and loving representative of her breed. She has done successfully at the previous exhibitions and is recommended for breeding by the KfT through the "licensing".
We didn't make the search for a suitable stud dog easy for ourselves and finally found what we were looking for with a successful, international champion with an excellent pedigree. It is Esprit Active Bueno alias "Nukk" from Switzerland. Bueno is characterized by a calm, balanced and loving character. He is already the father of three litters, from which successful show dogs and loving family dogs have emerged. Bueno and our Lucy are completely free from the following breed-specific hereditary diseases: "vWD Type 1 (von Willebrand Syndrome), CMSD (Canine Multiple System Degeneration) and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)." Through the mating between our bitch and Bueno, a successful breeding line is continued, as can be seen from the pedigrees. On October 29th and 30th, 2020, the time had finally come that we could perform the mating act in Switzerland before the corona restrictions. The litter took place on 01.01.2021  

and was placed in good hands.



Stud Dog

Esprit Active Bueno